Level 4 Diploma in Spectator Safety Management

Level 4 Diploma in Spectator Safety Management

  • Level 4 Certificate Diploma in Spectator Safety Management (RQF)
  • The IQ Level 4 Diploma in Spectator Safety Management is aimed at individuals working in a senior role in Spectator / Crowd Safety Management such as Stadium Manager, Safety Officer or Event Security Manager. This qualification meets the requirements for level 4 training for people working in senior roles as specified in the SGSA Green Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds.

  • The average time taken to complete this is 12 months however it may be completed in anything from 6 months to 2 years.

Aged 18 or above, working at Level 2 or above in English, with good communications skills. This qualification requires learners to complete a work/industry placement experience throughout the duration of the qualification, before certification.

In addition to the achievement of the units detailed in the delivery and content section below, prior to certification, learners are required to show evidence of:

  • Attending the ACT Awareness e-learning counter-terrorism training

Integer can offer CPD in a range of subject areas including Stress Management, Prevention, and Control of Infection, Mental Health Awareness.

The knowledge elements of this qualification can be completed through a combination of tutor-led sessions and self-study.

The learner must achieve all 8 mandatory units:

  1. Plan for the safety of people at spectator events
  2. Manage the safety and security of people at spectator events
  3. Develop, implement and review policies and procedures for safety and security at spectator events
  4. Manage information for action and decision-making for spectator events
  5. Manage resources for safety and security at events
  6. Manage risks in crowded places
  7. Manage initial response to significant or major incidents and plan for resilience
  8. Work with others to improve customer services

Learners must 3 optional units from the following:

  1. Monitor and solve customer service problems
  2. Recruit, select, and retain people
  3. Support individuals’ learning and development
  4. Identify and evaluate opportunities for innovation and improvement
  5. Allocate and monitor the progress and quality of your work in your area of responsibility
  6. Develop your knowledge, skills, and competence
  7. Manage projects
  8. Develop and sustain productive working relationships with colleagues and stakeholders

Learners will complete a portfolio of evidence and be observed carrying out their spectator safety management role in the workplace on a number of occasions.

This qualification can be supported by an Advanced Learner Loan for those aged 19+.

Full Cost: from £2500 plus vat per learner

On successful completion of this qualification, learners may wish to continue their development by undertaking further education and training in management.