Quality Assurance

Our reputation depends on delivering Quality Training.

Our trainers, assessors and verifiers are carefully selected for

    • the technical knowledge they have of their subjects
    • the experience they have in their field
    • the quality and professionalism of their delivery/care
    • their empathy to the ‘tutor group’

Our delivery team are approved through our internal processes, prior to working with us, including data barring service check.

Integer is committed to maintaining and improving the quality of its training provision through the processes of quality assurance and continuous improvement. We implement quality through our activities in each of the following key phases:

  1. Effective recruitment of learners
  2. Effective assessment of learner needs
  3. Meeting and exceeding employer needs
  4. Ensuring quality assurance of teaching and assessment practices
  5. Monitoring progress
  6. Positively promoting health & safety, equality & diversity and embedding safeguarding policies and practices into our provision
  7. Collecting and analysing data, including stake-holder feedback
  8. Identifying areas for improvement through the process of self-assessment

and we do this by working in accordance with standards, guidelines and recommendations from governing bodies, including:

  • Education & Skills Funding Agency
  • Funding Partners & Colleges of Further Education
  • Ofsted
  • Awarding Bodies
  • Working Partners and Agencies such as National Careers Service and Job Centre Plus
  • National Industry Standards & Sector Skills Councils