Integer Training has been appointed as a gateway provider for the Government’s Kickstart scheme.


The Kickstart Scheme is a £2 billion fund to create hundreds of thousands of high-quality 6-month work placements for young people aged 16-24 on universal credit.  Employers from all industries and across the private, public, and voluntary sectors can get involved.

Employers can spread the start date of the job placements up until the end of December 2021.


Employers will receive funding to cover the following costs

  • 100% of the National Minimum Wage for 25 hours per week for a total of 6 months
  • Associated employer National Insurance Contributions
  • Employer minimum automatic enrolment contributions

Employers can pay a higher wage and for more hours, but the funding will not cover this.

The Department for work and pensions (DWP) will send the funding to Integer as the Kickstart Gateway and we will then forward the funding onto the employer. Funding will be paid in monthly arrears

There will also be funding available to support young people to develop new skills and to help them move into sustained employment after they have completed their Kickstart funded job. Whether you have the need for a single placement or 30 placements, we can help you access funding to give your business a boost.



As part of the scheme, you will also be able to access up to £1,500 per placement towards setting up costs and additional training support. Integer can offer a suite of additional skills training for Kickstart placements. Talk to one of our advisors today to create your bespoke package.



The job placements created with Kickstart funding must be NEW JOBS They must not:

  • Replace existing or planned vacancies
  • Cause existing employees or contractors to lose or reduce their employment

The roles must be

  • a minimum of 25 hours per week, for 6 months
  • paid at least the National Minimum Wage for their age group
  • should not require people to undertake extensive training before they begin the job placement



We will

  • gather information from the employer about the job placement and ensure that it meets the criteria for Kickstart
  • use the information to apply on behalf of a group of employers.
  • pay employers the funding

We may also

  • Share our expertise with the employer to help them onboard and train the young person
  • Support the young person to look for long-term work
  • Provide employability support such as CV and interview preparation
  • Provide training to develop their skills, such as teamwork, organization, and communications as part of the role

For more information on the kickstart scheme or If you are ready to start a full application for a Kickstart funded placement, contact us on 01288 357351