Information Advice and Guidance

The Guidance Team

The Guidance Team offers information, advice and guidance on matters relating to your training and on practical and emotional issues affecting you as a student

We offer a confidential service prior to your training, during your training and after you have completed your training. We can be contacted during weekdays, between 9am and 5pm on 01288 356263, by email, or by sending us a message using the form on the right.

Accredited by Matrix

Our Information, Advice and Guidance Team has been accredited by the quality standard ‘Matrix’ to ensure that our learners and associates are provided with high quality information, advice and guidance from the start to end of their journey with us.

Quotes from our Matrix Assessment Report

From our Partners:

“The quality of stewarding on match day has significantly increased – it’s really noticeable. Our match people are much more professional in their whole attitude, and that affects spectators too. We’re really pleased with the impact of Integer Training on spectator safety.”

“I can always trust Integer to offer me quality solutions, without pressure. I know they’ll go through all the possibilities, not just courses they offer. I can’t say the same of others, there are some very pushy organisations out there who want you to just sign up to any old course, take your money – and leave you in the lurch with poorly trained staff. I think Integer understand, professional integrity gets the business in the end because you develop mutual trust and respect – because they let you make the decisions about your business”.

“Integer is exceptional in how seriously they are committed to improving their delivery. They constantly review everything they do, they are always asking for feedback – and they consistently listen and take action. Many organisations pay lip service to improvement – with Integer, I feel it’s embedded in their DNA”

From our Learners:

“At my age, a lot of organisations had written me off when I was faced with an enforced career change and no idea of what I could do. Integer offered me real options, motivated me to do things I never thought I’d be capable of. They really changed my life – for the better.”

“It makes you realise, we’re all different, and we all have a point of view, but we need to listen to each other, respect the other person. They showed me that, by the way they treated me.”


From the Conclusion to our most recent Matrix Assessment Report:

Integer can be proud of the life changing effect IAG has had on some of its learners, and of the achievements made by many of the learners who have taken courses through Integer, sometimes initially unwillingly. One learner interviewed spoke for many others when he remarked:

“I’d never done much with my life, not got any certificates, didn’t think I was up to much really. When the boss said I had to do a course just to prove I could my job I thought it was stupid. Best thing that’s ever happened to me –they explained it all, made sure it was right for me, gave me extra help when I needed it. It gave me confidence, realised I could do stuff, now they’ve told me about higher level courses, helped me go on to be supervisor. I walk 10 foot tall now, me. All the help and advice I’ve had from Integer – couldn’t have done it without them. Tell them thanks, from me.”