Our Beliefs

Our Vision

To be a leading Institution for training and development.

Our Mission

“The highest quality training and development for all”

Our Motto

To work in partnership with like-minded organisations and individuals who share our values, operating as a ‘virtual’ academy or agency via an administrative hub and spoke structure, for networking and outreach provision.

This approach develops teams of professionals delivering and supporting a range of vocationally orientated courses and business development solutions which are internationally recognised for their standards of excellence and become first choice for our clients.

Our Values

“A balance between awareness, respect, and love, for one’s self, others, and the environment.” – ref: Colin Mortlock & Beyond Adventure.


  1. We believe in a team approach with a commitment to improvement.
  2. We aim to be the first choice for our employees, clients and business partners.
  3. We aim to grow profitability and sustain improved value all year round.
  4. We share responsibility for pursuing the company’s vision
  5. Work together as a team and in teams
  6. Communicate openly and honestly – sharing knowledge, listening as well as telling, explaining who as well as what
  7. Value each other’s contributions, are quick to praise achievement and slow to blame
  8. Give and ask for help without hesitating
  9. Take great pride in not letting others down
  10. Treat each other fairly, with respect and consideration, recognizing the importance of an individual’s well being in all respects of our working and non-working lives
  11. Seek to delegate authority to those who do the job and accept accountability for those things for which we are responsible